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Thank you E-Hell, for helping me to help my friends! :)


I've still got a good bit to learn, but I want to thank E-Hell for letting me help my friends - and to make sure the advice I gave her was OK. She was invited to a baby shower for (I kid you not) the daughter of a random (presumably very distant, since she included "not even related" in the story) cousin whom she had only met briefly at a function. She said, "Nothing screams 'give me stuff' ('stuff' replacing another word she used)," like an invite like this. I told her, "Politely decline to attend and do not send a thing. Do not feed the gimme pigs."

Mental Magpie:
Yay!  I love passing on spine-stiffening advice, it makes me a feel a little bit more complete.  Congrats on helping another one not feed the gimmee pigs!

You absolutely gave her good advice, right on the mark. As we always say "an invitation is not a summons," and its also not an invoice.  A polite decline, perhaps with a "congratulations" and/or "I wish every happiness to your growing family" is more then enough response.


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