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I just received a save the date magnet in the mail from a couple I've never even heard of before.  It's addressed correctly to me, my name at my address -  but I have no clue who these people might be, how they got my address, or how they think they know me.  I'd think it was a mistake, but I have a very uncommon last name and we've paid extra to keep our address out of the phone book.  The combination of correct address and correct name makes me think they must have gotten my info from someone, but I have no idea who.  Their picture is on the magnet, and I've never seen either of these people.

Is it common to send save the date notices to strangers?  What do I do if they send an invitation?  (Obviously RSVP to decline, but should I mention that I might not be who they thought I was?)

One of them might be a son/daughter of a coworker/long lost aunt/2nd cousin once removed/politician. Do you Facebook? Can you look up their names on Facebook and see if you have any Facebook Friends in common.

I'm just thinking they might have some sort of relationship with you. I remember that when I graduated, my parents had me sending out announcements to people I didn't know. They were friends of my folks, relatives I hadn't remembered, etc.

I've gotten two from my cousins' kids. I never heard of them, but finally found out from a 3rd cousin.

We did attend the weddings, by the way, and had a delightful time at each, catching up with cousins and meeting the children, who were both wonderful people, as I had expected they would be.

(One of them had her name changed during a divorce, and for the other, I had forgotten her married name. Glad we went. Cousin 1 passed away 3 weeks later, and cousin 2 and I have become pretty good friends, again.)

I've also gotten an invitation from a cousin's kid whose name I didn't immediately recognize. In that case, we didn't go for various reasons.

Auntie Mame:
LOL, yeah, I have gotten those before,I have a huge family I barely know.  They are probably your second cousin twice removed or something like that.  I will bet 20 bucks that they sent the magnet to keep someone's Mom happy.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the conversation went like this: 

"But you have to send lurkerwisp a STD magnet, she's great uncle Bob's, second cousin's daughter's niece.  Don't you remember her?  You met her once when you were two and you guys played all afternoon!  She'll be crushed if you don't invite her, just CRUSHED!".  Cue over dramatics and hyperbole about the importance of faaaaammmmilllly.

So they sent the magnet to shut her up.


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