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--- Quote from: Surianne on February 08, 2013, 09:36:16 PM ---I personally think my plaid flannel pyjamas are extremely impressive in their comfiness, so the wording on this invitation would please me greatly.

--- End quote ---

In the museum where I worked, invitations to openings would often state the preferred style of dress as 'Your Creative Best'.  You can imagine what showed up. 

Your plaid pajamas would be considered quite conservative. 

Once again I assume that the dress code is aimed at the 12 year olds attending!  I think dress to impress means "please dress up as much as you can."

I'd probably wear one of the outfits that I've bought over the years for DH's office parties.  All three have skirts at least knee length and cover my shoulders, involve beads or sparkles, are cute and fun but don't belong in a dance club, a church, or an office.  They're all good semi-formal party wear.

Cocktail dress, jewelry, makeup, dressy shoes


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