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Taking spirits to dinner question

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Thanks guys. This is dinner with one of DH's friends and his wife and DH really wants to take his new fave drink for them to try, but thinks they'll all only have a couple each, plus I don't drink spirits so he didn't want to leave $$ worth of his favourite behind, as well as wine and beer that we are taking (and would definitely leave, opened or not). I was uncomfortable so we agreed to bring it to Ehell.  I'd still rather not do it, but since it is DH's friend rather than mine I'll just go with the flow. He really appreciated the tips on bringing it up relatively gracefully.

Mind you, nights out with this couple tend to run expensive because they are big spirits drinkers so there may not be any left anyway.  >:D

Can you take it in a cooler bag, and offer to pour friend a glass, then return it to your own cooler bag? In my circles, It's very common to BYO drinks for everything and take home your leftovers. But I'd definitely be taking home a bottle of spirits, regardless.

Liquor stores will sell various sizes in popular spirits.  Large, medium, small and teeny.  Can't your husband just buy the smaller size enough to make a few cocktails?


--- Quote from: gramma dishes on February 08, 2013, 09:39:04 PM ---LOL!!  When I read the title to the thread, I had visions of your taking a few of your favorite apparitions out for a nice friendly dinner!  I assumed your question would be something about should you order for the ghosts since the server would not be able to either see or hear them?     ;D

--- End quote ---

Glad I wasn't the only one!  ;D ;D ;D

Can you share what the drink is?  It might help with coming up with an alternate solution.  Though, in my circle, if someone showed up with a bottle of liquor for only a few people, I'd assume they were taking it home with them.  It would help make that clear if you bring the drink fixings all packaged together in a container that would obviously be returning home with you, like a cooler as someone mentioned, rather than a plastic bag.


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