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Is there an etiquette for working from home?

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Forgive my sentence structure, please.

My job is collateral risk management. I look at paperwork and numbers, and financial tolerances. It's really boring to most people. Don't get me wrong, it isn't exciting; but I am good at it and I like it most of the time. Right now I am on a new project. I am overwhelmed.

The only way I can get done all the stuff is to work from home. I like that i can work from home. I like that I have that option. I could use some tips on separating them. I like home. I like my job. I have potential to be a jerk on both fronts.

What are you having a problem with? Are you tempted to watch TV/ answer personal phone calls?  Or is your spouse/ kids interrupting and you are looking for etiquette approved ways to tell them to stay away from you during working hours?  Are you looking for polite ways to tell your boss not to call you after hours/ at weekends/ how to tell him you are overwhelmed?


Never do Work stuff and Home stuff at the same time.  When you do, you do each 1/3 as well as normal. 

Have a designated place to do work.  It doesn't have to be an office.  I used to work from home, and my office was the other side of the king bed.  (I lived alone)  I had pillows and bolsters arranged to make a nice comfy chair and the laptop was on the nightstand.  If you live with people, have a sign so they know to not bug you during work.

It goes without saying that you need to get at least as much work done while at home as if you were at work. 

For me personally, I liked to work in about three big chunks of time, rather than one long stretch.  For example, I'd wake up at 6:30am to 7:00am and I'd get to work before even leaving the bed.  (I worked for a German company and getting emails out that early would shave a day off the response time)  Then about 10am or so, I'd do life stuff for a couple of hours. Then work, long break and work, then done. 

I also am confused about your question.   My favorite day is Friday because that's my typical work from home day.  My company actually gets MORE work out of me that day because I can roll out of bed in my pjs and get to work around 7am when normally I don't get to work till 9am.  So I never feel guilty about using a few minutes here and there to wash laundry, tidy up the kitchen for a few minutes, etc.   But again that's because I'm working more hours without putting them on my timecard.  If you are working your regular hours, just do your work and pretend you are not at home.

Who are you being a jerk to? Your family at home because you are trying to work at home and they are bothering you?  Just tell them you have a huge project and need to have strict privacy and not to bother you.  That isn't being a jerk.
If you think you are being a jerk to people at work because you are working at home instead of the office?  Unless the project is a team based one, I don't see why it's any of their business that you are working at home.  If they have a problem with it, have them kindly take it up with your boss.


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