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I don't know if anyone has seen this or not yet but yesterday I saw a commercial for  Yes you can help an individual  buy his very own new car.  The commercial mentons dad buying the engine for graduation, perhaps grandma contributing a door for a birthday and on and on.  At the end of the commercial it says and all you have to is pick up the keys and drive away.

I cannot imagine helping buying someone a new car.  I know it goes along with the honeymoon registries and all of those but really what are we coming too?  The reason I put this in this category is because I can definitely see myself saying "Why would I want to do that?"

Any thoughts?

What's so funny is when I checked out on of those car registry websites, most of the people registered were asking total strangers to fund their car.

One guy did not want to give up his gas guzzling sports car but wanted a second car that got better gas mileage. Another girl said her car now was minutes from car death, it could go anytime and it was her dream to have a new car. I almost wrote in her comments to start a savings account. But I didn't because it would have been rude and I'm sure it would have gone over her head.

From what I've seen I think it will be a flop. A lot of people are thinking "I can't afford a new car for myself and they want me to buy them one."  Lots of entitled people out there. Next it will be buy me a house registry.

I am sure that buy me a house already exists in some form or fashion.  Probably in those wedding invitations that say we already have everything we need but we can use the money to make a down payment on a home. 

Please send me the site and person. I am really eager to help give someone a new car. It's been so long since we bought one of our own.

I really feel guilty about not helping many of the other begging/giveme people.

Thank you.

I completely understand your thoughts Luci!  But honestly it was just a commercial on tv.  So now they are running commercials for registry.  However I am sure if you go to you will find some "enterprising" person willing to let you help them buy their brand new car!   


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