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--- Quote ---For me, paying someone a modest fee and making SURE that my parent was contacted would be worth it.
--- End quote ---


As far as the postal service, (mostly due to paperless billing) I havenít gotten mail since Thursday.  Actually, I get very little mail and I donít get a newspaper.  So if I hadnít been in contact with anyone and something had happened, looking to the post office for help, even as a backup, wouldnít be a good idea.

I spoke to my friend and she said her aunt has a mail slot in her front door Ė not a mailbox and not a group box.  While itís nice that postal carriers have helped out some people in trouble, Iíd rather they focus on getting mail to the right address.


Sounds like a good idea.

Just recently, a 80-90 year old man and his 60 year old daughter, lived a few streets away from me,  were found dead in their house, she fell over first and he went down trying to help her.

They only got found because a neighbour thought something was off, but they were like this for a whole week.

Very sad...  :(


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