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This offer may sound generous but it's likely to be more trouble than it's worth.  When you have a new baby, the last thing you need to do is ride herd on every last bit of baby clothing. 

I would decline with thanks. 

It definitely sounds annoying.  But since she is ok with you marking them, I'd get a fabric marker and put an X on each item's tag now, or inside the collar.  It won't take long and its easy to do.  Then as your kid out grows them, just wash and chuck into a box.

I really wouldn't make a big deal over making arrangements to return them though.  You drove out to pick them up, right?  Well her SIL can drive over to you when its her turn - its easier for a pregnant person to pick something up then a for a parent to drop them off.

Thanks. I wasn't sure if I was being annoyed for no reason or not..As for returning them I will need to do that the next time I see her..she dropped them off and on the way out the door literally said I only caught 1/2 the message and had to call and clarify.

Erich L-ster:
I would give them all back ASAP too. Too many strings attached, deal changed after you had them, it could change again due to her whims.

Baby clothes are likely to be stained with food, poo, knees worn from crawling....who could realistically expect to get them all back anyway?

This style of "lending" is unusual, but not unheard of. And I think it's more trouble than it's worth.

Some in DH's family do this, but they loan out baby equipment rather than clothing. I never took them up on it. It's too much trouble to remember who gave what and to worry about keeping it in pristine condition.

If you return the clothes, you can say "We figured out that we wouldn't need them after all. But thanks for the offer."

Babies and little kids don't need a ton of clothing. They grow so fast that it's not worth it to make a big investment. Buy a few things and wash frequently. And you can shop at garage sales and thrift stores, if money is an issue.


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