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What type of thank you is appropriate?

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gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: CakeBeret on February 12, 2013, 04:47:14 PM ---I would first write her a heartfelt letter telling her how special she is to you, how much you value and appreciate her. And then in a few weeks or months, take her out for a pedicure and dinner, when you can leave baby for that long.

--- End quote ---

Actually, her Mom might be happier for HER to go out for a pedicure and dinner and let her (Grandma) continue to bond with the baby while they're out.  :D   Let Mommy and Daddy bond with each other for a couple of baby free hours. 

Others have had good ideas. I'm just ducking in to say congratulations!  :D

Imagine you are your mom, and you are helping with your daughter and your new grandchild.
You are delighted that you are physically able to help, you are delighted that your grandchild is healthy, you are delighted that you daughter is healthy, you are delighted that you have a good relationship with your daughter and son and law where you are welcome in their home, you are delighted that they take your offer of help and your actual help as, well, help, rather than an attempt to control.

You would want to be acknowledged for your help, that it is wonderful, that is not an entitlement.  You don't want to feel like you are being paid for what you are doing out of love.

So I agree with giving her things that are grandmotherly....some time playing with the baby that isn't work time, a picture with the baby, and her overhearing you tell people what a great help she was!

Last year, my Mom left her house and my Dad (in Dallas) and stayed with me for 4 MONTHS (in Maryland) while I underwent chemo.  She did so much it really was impossible to thank her enough.  Her 80th birthday was in November and all of the sisters did a book about her life.  I put a lot of effort into making my part of the book really, really nice to thank her for her help.

Some sort of memento like that might be nice (pics of the new grandchild, etc.)


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