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What type of thank you is appropriate?

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If you can get away for a couple of hours (can Daddy babysit?) how about a manicure/pedicure for both of you?

I think the photos were a great idea too.

I don't know about the thank you, but if there's any way you could clone her for the rest of us...

I like the idea of a heartfelt letter with a Grandma/baby snap included, plus I would imagine a big hug and a "Thank you so much, Mum, I can't tell you how much this means to me" would be most welcome while she is still there. I know my own mother *really* likes getting nice flowers so that is my go-to thank you for her. Is there something like that that your mum loves?

Congratulations on the new baby :)

wow - your mom sounds awesome!

i like the idea of a framed photo.

is she the spa type? how about a spa day for her? maybe if your husband could get two spa days for the both of you to go while he watches the bundle of joy for a few hours? "grandma, you deserve a little pampering after all your hard work!"

My Mum is similar to yours - we call her Saint Nan.

I suspect that you're right and you're getting lots of grandmothering all at once. My mum really feels like she should be being helpful while she's visiting. No point coming all this way, then sitting around!

Just enjoy it! While everything's going well at the moment (how wonderful!) babies can be unpredictable, and you might find your little one might develop some insomniac tendencies later. Enjoy the help your mother is able to give you now, and
find some way to tell her how very much you appreciate all she's done. In my experience, yes, it's something family does and there's no gift required.


--- Quote from: amandaelizabeth on February 09, 2013, 09:46:40 PM ---How about a special photo taken of baby and grandma?
With some smaller ones she can use to brag with.

--- End quote ---

That is what we did when my mom came to help with the twins.  We scheduled a photographer to come to the house (so I didn't have to go out with newborn twins) a few days before mom left, and had them rush a couple of pics to give her before she left (she lives in a different country), then sent her a nice album a little later.  Bonus that we got some pics of grandma with the twins too  :)


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