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I just saw an ad for this:

Yep - it's a car registry.


Let me assure you, I don't care what Forbes says... anyone hitting me up for car funding - especially in such a crass way - isn't so much getting car money as a relationship re-evaluation, and I don't think they'll like the end result. No extra car funding, and one less friend to hit up in the future.

Yikes!  In my opinion, its one thing to use some of the wedding gift money towards a new car if the couple absolutely needs it, but registering is just appalling!

As shocked and aghast as I am about this, I don't see the difference between this and other registries.  All require someone spending money for something you want. 

Did you notice it is actually working for some people?

pumpkin grower:
I would be way to embarrassed to register for a car!! Can't couples buy a car on their own anymore????? Good grief!!!

Most Popular Car Part on the registries - nuts and bolts. I love this.

"Hey, Honey! Happy Birthday! We were going to give you a $100 cheque, but then we saw the registry and we thought you'd appreciate a donation instead. So we bought you a $1 bolt! Hope you have an awesome day!" ;D ;D ;D


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