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--- Quote from: Sharnita on February 16, 2013, 02:58:31 PM ---Just because people use a format the store provides and calls a wedding registry does not automatically mean those people are getting married.  I would venture to guess some people have used a wedding registry because there was no birthday registry or graduation registry or i want stuff registry.  And the point would be that a "wedding registry" provided at Bed, Bath and Beyond could be used just as randomly as a Ford registry.

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I'm still not understanding what this has to do with the topic at hand. 

miranova wrote:

"If people are using this car registry instead of a traditional registry but still tied to their actual event such as a wedding, well, I can see your point even if I don't fully agree with it.  But I highly doubt that that's the case.  It sounds more like "I want a car, and I don't want to buy it myself, so I'm going to make this registry"."

Whether you doubt the intentions of the typical person using this registry or not doesn't change the etiquette of the matter.  If it's used rudely, it's rude, and if not, then it's not, so it's not the mere existence of the registry that's rude.

"For your first question, they could, but I doubt it's common.  Personally, I would still find it highly distasteful, even if done for a wedding.  If one decides to use a registry, there should be many options on it, not just one option:  cash toward my next car.  It's  I don't like it."

I'm not familiar with any such rule of registries, myself.  If you don't like it, then you don't contribute to it, but that doesn't make the registry itself rude as long as it's not used rudely.



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