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Wounded Warrior Project (Update in original post)

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a.k.a. I'm getting electrocuted for a good cause.

On March 2nd I will be participating in an adventure race known as Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile adventure race with obstacles that include icy water, high jumps, fire, and live electrical wires. With the race, you get a fundraising page where all of the proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project. This is a super groovy charity that raises awareness and helps out wounded military personnel. They are pretty awesome.

So anyway, I figured I'd put a link up to my donation page. (Now the correct link!)

I will be updating with pictures of the muddy, freezy, firey, electrocutey goodness once the event is over with.  I'll also mail you a groovy 550 cord survival bracelet!

YEA!! Good Luck!

I went to place a donation however there is no place to state how much you wish to donate.  Is it a set amount? If so, how much?

I'm an idiot.

I posted the now defunct team page from my squadron. Everyone bailed on me, so there is no team. The correct link is this one:

Thank you for pointing that out before it made it to Facebook!

How's training going?

I did one last was fun..but hard


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