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--- Quote from: PastryGoddess on February 12, 2013, 05:13:58 PM ---How's training going?

I did one last was fun..but hard

--- End quote ---

I'm doing okay... There is a nice picture of me practicing the electrocution part. Somehow I don't think 3 nine volt batteries on the tongue is the  same as live wires  :P

What would you say is the hardest part, just out of curiosity? This will be the longest adventure race type thing that I've done.

The Arctic Enema and Glacier was hard for me because my extremities don't do well in the cold

Everest sucked...big time

All of the water is cold, but it actually feels good after all of the sweating and grossness you'll be covered with

I don't mind cold water (except for showers), so that should be okay. It's probably a good thing too, because I suck at monkey bars.... and gymnast rings. I'm going to look like a drowned muskrat before this is all over.

Who am I kidding? I'm going to be a muddy ball of snot and pain :P I'm just glad I took a good chunk of leave so I'll be able to walk normal and act like a tough chick when I get back to work  >:D

My sister did one in CO last summer. It was supposedly the hardest one (or one of the hardest ones) they'd constructed yet. She, too, said the Arctic Enema was the absolute worst; it was near the beginning of the run, and she said if it hadn't been, she would have skipped it. It's several levels of magnitude worse than just cold water. I don't know if you've read about it, but you plunge into ice water (it's almost all ice, just enough water to let you move through it), then go under a wall, then you have to pull yourself up and out. Brrr.

She also got done and said, "It actually wasn't that bad, but I wish there had been more running!" She's crazy. She said the electric wires were not bad at all. I think they randomly supercharge a couple of them, and if you get zapped, you go down; otherwise, it looked like the people who just made a run for it did the best. Good luck! I'd like to do this next year. I probably won't be as breezy about it as my sister was when I'm done, though.

I've read about it... Before I moved south, I was really into polar plunges. The rough part is going to be the ice cubes slowing down progress, but I have a pretty high tolerance to icy water if I know it is coming.

I fully plan on being honest with you guys, but I plan on being the breeziest person in the world at work. Just because all the guys bailed on me, so I want to make them look like pansies.  >:D  What can I say, picking on the guys is my favorite job perk ;D


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