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I never intended to be a PR person, but I hope I did OK

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--- Quote from: JenJay on February 11, 2013, 07:15:44 PM ---I'd find out what terminology you can use for a blanket statement and use that. Something like "Thank you for your support. Unfortunately Big Awesome Thing is still under construction and not ready to be unveiled yet. If you'd like to be notified when it goes public please sign up for the newsletter at Blog."

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I think you did fine. I agree with what JenJay wrote. Just say it with a nice, friendly tone of voice like you sincerely appreciate the attention/support so that you don't lose fans and you'll do fine.

I think you did absolutely fine.  You might want to request email addresses to alert fans/volunteers when Big Project is finished.

Was this a real question?

Cool project though.

I'm confused.  If you're not supposed to be the PR person, then why list yourself as the PR person?  Or is it that you just didn't go into the project intending to do that & now you are?  As for the anonymity thing, a quick Google brings up the project, your name, 6 other names for people on the project & all sorts of contact info.  And for the actual question - if it's your normal answer to PR questions, I don't think that it's rude.

About the anonymity, I know that there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of clever and intrepid folks from exercising their Google-fu. It's more that I didn't want to post names and links. FiancÚ has the page set up to list link backs so he can track how the story is passed around. That page is viewable to all viewers, which would lead folks here. I didn't want the guy who asked for a personal tour to see that I had posted about him.

And yes, I'm aware that in a few short months I'll become Leah Lee. Maybe I'll hyphenate...

But I digress. When I came on to the project I came on as a builder. I weld, sew, upholster, and am learning electronics on a basic level. But as an actress and seamstress who works from home, I have more time available to answer requests for interviews, photos and footage, so I took on the role of PR girl. It takes a big stressor off Fiance's shoulders so he can focus better on work, the Maker's Fair, the pumped up power wheels project and overhauling his robot. Yes, he is a busy boy.

For those whose Google-Fu is not strong, and because I'm very proud of the work being done, Big Project is Star Wars related, takes place in the new Millenium, and in the shape of a Falcon.


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