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Preparing for Mediterranean guests in the US

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Cicero, I was hoping to hear from you!  We've been trying to get food & drink & spice requests, but haven't gotten much info. MIL is planning on spending much of her time cooking for us (yay!), so I'll try to stock the house some and take her to the ethnic markets after a few days.  You've inspired me to try to find some seasonings in their more recognizable (whole or fresh) forms.  Intriguing about the drinkware - I have some that sound suitable and will offer first...great tip!

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I don't know which country they are coming from - there are different cuisines /styles/etc for different ethnicities. I would actually plan to take her shopping for food - it might be easier for her to go to a supermarket and find the things she is used to, than for her to come up with a list of what she needs. And depending where they are from, they will probably be in shock from the size of a typical US supermarket! also, don't forget farmer's markets and smaller places like TJ. she might actually enjoy it, and she might enjoying teaching you these things.

another thing i thought of - a lot of meals tend to have bread in them, more so than in the US. it is common here to have a meal that has salads, meat, rice, etc *and* bread. also - meals typically have mezze which are small bowls of fresh veg salads and cooked veg salads served cold, pickles, olives etc.


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