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Spouse Expressions

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My DH has these expressions that he uses over and over again for about a month, and then doesn't use them any more.  He usually stops using them when they have passed on to me and I start using them all the time.

"...and stuff." Everything, at one time, had the words "and stuff" tagged on the end. Such as "It's cold and stuff." Half the time it made little or no sense.

"It really is though, isn't it?" In agreement to something the other person is saying.  This one drives me a little potty but I can live with it.
"Not...really..." Said very slowly and thoughtfully, as if he's considering the previous sentence very carefully.
"If you would do ___ and ___, that would be massively helpful." I always want to say "But I am not feeling massively helpful today". I think I'll leave that to DS in a couple of years...
"That's not what's supposed to happen..." said in response to anything that doesn't go his way.  Usually in a slightly confused tone of voice, as though it has snowed with the sole intention of spoiling his day.

Does anyone else have a spouse with some odd verbal expressions, or is it just mine?!

Mine adds "blahblablahblahblah" to the end of every sentence where you could possibly substitute etc., and so forth, and so on or any other synonym. He slurs it together so it comes  out almost more like "blablubblah"... I don't know why he picked it up as a Verbal tic about a year ago- and to his credit he's gotten better at catching himself about it.

My SO picked up on the " Go home _____. You're drunk." meme. For everything.

Oh I am so glad it is not just me.
DH also does The Shrug complete with the Noise when he doesn't know something.  I asked him to please stop doing that since he is not a pubescent teenage boy any more and has sufficient grasp on the English language to convey that he is not sure of something.  :-\

Your mom

So, I'll say 'I'm tired', and he says 'Your mom's tired'
'I'm cooking dinner' and he says 'Your mom's cooking dinner'

I swear I married an 8 year old.


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