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Spouse Expressions

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Not really DH's expression but FIL's and we both picked up on it.  He'll call and instead of identifying himself by name, he says "Hello, this is Tommy's* dad."

The first time he did that, I answered brightly, "Hi, Tommy's dad!!"** and he cracked up so we've kept doing it the last 13 years.  MIL thought it was funny to and now any cards that are sent to me or both of us are signed "Love, MIL and Tommy's Dad." 

*Not DH's actual nickname.

** Inspired by a high school friend who wasn't comfortable calling my parents by first name but was asked to not address them as Mr. And Mrs. so she'd say "Hi, Pirate's Mom/Dad!"

DH has a "Stuff" expression he likes to use.  If anyone says "And stuff" he says "Not the STUFF!!" in a mock horrified voice.  He'll also playfully refer to any one of our children that is the subject of conversation as "The child, who's failing to mention any checks."  (from the Grinch movie, when he claims "the child mentioned a check?" as an award for joining the Whobilation).

Girly, your DH reminds me of a character on "The Regular Show" who likes to say "You know who else likes ____? MY MOM!!!!!!"

Hehe nope. I'm the one in this household who spouts memes.
Like a boss!  :D

'May I ask a favor of you?'

Mr. Thipu usually says this when he wants me to do something as simple as putting some lotion on his back when he gets out of the shower.  He also says it when he wants me to stand on the kitchen stool and hold his ankles while he's working on the back of the clothes drier (our washer-drier is stacked with the drier on top).   

To me, it sounds like something that you'd find in a Victorian novel instead of what a partner would request in 21st century Brooklyn.  Also, you never know what he's going to ask. 

Not my DH, but my 16yo DS adds "and such" to the ends of his sentences fairly regularly.  He showed me a draft of a paper he's writing on Louis Armstrong and "and such" makes an appearance therein.

ETA his other face is "and whatnot."

DH has one that grates on my nerves.  Whenever I suggest something, his knee jerk response is always "That's not a bad idea."  Not once is it, "yes let's do that" or "I agree."  so it sounds like he's always suggesting that my other ideas ARE bad and this is a rare useful one. 

But, in our household I'm usually the one with distinctive phrases.  Among others, I add "and such" to sentences too.  When DD says something goofy, I have replied "What?? Noooooo" so many times that she's picked it up and now anything she says she tacks that on at the end, with my inflections.

"You have cookie ears!  What??  Noooooo".  ;D


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