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Private music played louder than the radio

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If you are afraid of retaliation -- and really, a friend does not retaliate -- you can go the passive-aggressive route by going to the supervisor and ask if it's permissible to wear ear plugs at work since the competing music is giving you a headache.

This would make my teeth start to hurt.  I want to hear one piece of music; not overlapping different ones.

If this person is going to get bent out of shape over someone asking her to use headphones or turn her music down I would go to the supervisor and let them handle it.

That is exactly the sort of thing that would drive me batty. Those overlapping noises are impossible for me to tune out.

I don't care what I listen to, so for my survival (if she was crazy-pants-and I agree with everyone else that this is a not a friend) I would turn off my own speakers.


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