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You're a great friend, but how good at your job are you?

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--- Quote from: AnnaJane on February 16, 2013, 04:15:52 PM ---Thank you all for the excellent advice. I particularly like the TurboTax suggestion; it's clear, objective, and if it brings up mistakes, I have something definite to show. If it's presented as our way of making absolutely sure we're held not going to be in trouble with the IRS, I can't see friend objecting. And it's perfectly true.
Then DH and I get have a talk about how these kinds of decisions need to be discussed first. >:D

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And if you use it through the website it's completely free unless you file through them (which is still pretty cheap, I just did ours and it was $65 for fed and state) so you can at least see what it should be and why, in case his estimate is different. Best wishes!


--- Quote from: Cami on February 15, 2013, 12:06:19 PM ---We had that happen the first year we were married. With our accountant -- my MIL.

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My MIL isn't my accountant, but still has a shared investment account in DH's name so we're always stuck waiting on her for tax documents every year.  She's a tax procrastinator.  I'm a let's-do-taxes-in-January-er.  It is horrible.

I would recommend never ever letting any personal relationship get involved in your relationship with the IRS.  Hurt feelings are one thing, incorrect tax filings are another.  It's a terrible plan to let one interfere with the other.


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