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Yet another baby clothes issue

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Update:  I talked to my friend, who has followed up a bit with her friend who has all the clothes.  The friend says her daughter is still wearing *all* the clothes.

My friend hasn't pushed the issue, although she would like at least some of them back--especially since some were ones she particularly loved seeing on her older daughter and really wants to see her younger one wear, too. 

Personally, I think  if the giver is asking for them back, even if your kid is still capable of wearing them, you should at least return a few items as a show of good faith.  But maybe that's just me?  (In my own hand-me-down train, things had gone from my older niece to my daughter to my younger niece, who is 6 mos. younger than my daughter.  My sister gave me about 1/3 of the items in a certain size and kept the rest in a bin for her daughter.  She then couldn't find the bin she kept (with the majority of the clothes in it) and I gave her everything back in that size and moved my daughter up a size (even though she was a little small for it) because those clothes were my sister's in the first place.  I also passed along items that were mine to start with, because if she couldn't find the rest of that size, the 1/3rd portion she gave me wouldn't really be enough for her daughter.   Now, my niece has outgrown my daughter, so the hand-me-down train skips our house entirely, but is now the last stop--getting baby things back for my own #2 to be born in April.)

I agree with you. If I were in the borrower's shoes, I'd return at least some of the clothes even if my child still fit in them. Surely, this isn't this woman's only source of clothes? It still sounds like something fishy's going on.

Only source of clothes? Doubtful.  Only source of FREE clothes?  Probably.

Just FYI to anyone who was following this, I talked to my friend and encouraged her to be firm with her friend, and she did (via text, but hey, she says she was polite but clear) and the friend brought back most (not quite all) of the clothes.  Hooray!  I guess just being persistent (and maybe putting it in writing, GIVE THEM BACK NOW PLEASE) did the trick.

And I highly doubt she'll loan her stuff out again.

Meanwhile, randomly, an acquaintance of mine has asked to borrow my daughter's Halloween costume from last year.  Yeah, that's not going to happen.


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