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Author Topic: Tickets at the Deli  (Read 4980 times)

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Re: Tickets at the Deli
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2013, 08:46:39 PM »

I walked up and said "Sweetie, you should only take one ticket".  She snapped "I only took ONE".  I said "No, you took many and dropped them on the floor.  The man at the deli will be calling numbers and no one will have them."


BeagleMommy, you did fine.  You weren't rude to her.  You didn't respond 'meanly' when she was rude to you.  You're clear!   ;D

No eHell fires for you!!  >:D


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Re: Tickets at the Deli
« Reply #16 on: February 18, 2013, 08:53:58 PM »
Do you suppose he had sent his daughter on ahead to get a number "early" so he wouldn't have to wait in line like everyone else?

(If he did that, that would be rude of him, right?  Or would it be polite to take a number early, shop on other aisles for a while and then come back to the deli?)
I think that is exactly what he did. I don't have a problem with it as long as the child knows how to pull a ticket off or ask for help and either 1. He shows up on time or 2. The child is able to order.

Loren is in that age bracket and if we wrote down the order she could easily order from the deli. I know she is tall enough to pull off the ticket because she has done that for me before (Crowd around the counters I had the basket. HEB baskets are oversized and the kids can't push them safely.)
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