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So tomorrow afternoon is my book club meeting and the hostess had a sudden change in plans, so I volunteered to host. Normally the hostess serves a light lunch, like quiche or soup and salad followed by a sweet bread or coffee cake and fruit. I thought since we're reading a book set in England that features several scenes at afternoon teas, I would do a "tea" themed lunch. I'm a pescatarian so I'll serve vegetarian or fish dishes but nothing with meat. Does this seem like it will be enough for lunch for 6?

Salmon and cream cheese on baguette
Cucumber and herb butter on white bread
Egg salad on sourdough
Mixed baby greens with a honey orange vinaigrette
Scones with strawberry vanilla jam and grapefruit ginger marmalade
Persimmon spiced cake
Fruit salad

For drinks I'll plan on serving what everybody else does: white wine & water with lunch, coffee and tea with dessert.

Should I add some roasted nuts? Olives?

I think your menu sounds delightful and perfectly in tune with the book. You could add to it, but I don't think I would.

I think that's plenty.  Persimmon spiced cake sounds yummy.

Your menu sounds perfect!  Can I join in?  ;)  I love doing afternoon tea.  Can't imagine a better way to spend an afternoon. 

Have fun!

Your menu sounds lovely.  You might consider having some Pimms to drink, if you want to go totally english.


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