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Le Creuset

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Do you have any? If so, how do you use it? I am asking only to get more ideas because while Cook's Illustrated has quite a few I know my fellow e-Hellions will have more. And I am new to Le Creuset, though I have lusted after them for years.

I drove down to the outlet for Le Creuset today, and I got the 10 1/4-inch skillet and the  7 1/4-inch round oven, both in red. (Also got the silicone handle for the skillet plus the silicone spatula.) I was tempted by a few other things but felt that the total price was enough of a load for my credit card today.

So, what do you have? And how do you use it? Was there a learning curve?

I have a couple of dutch ovens.  I have found that you should cook on slightly lower temps and for shorter times as they hold the heat for ever.  So if the recipe says three hours say, i turn the oven off after two and a half hours and let it just sit.

I love my Creuset.  I use it for stews and chillis, anything with a long slow cooking time.  I have a slow cooker also and have found that Le Crueset is actually better, the end result is far better and the cooking times aren't as long.

I'm saving up for the skillet!

Something rather different:


The plain ones were very tasty, but the orange/cranberry/almond bread was the biggest hit.

I also use it for goulash, stews etc.

My favorite is the sauce pan with lid. If you like to make sauces, gravy, I even make cheese sauce for Mac and cheese in it. 


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