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So I am going to be undergoing a kidney transplant at some point.  It may be planned or it may be something where I have to get in the car and jet unexpectedly. 

Obviously, we are going to let close family members (parents, siblings and grandparents) know that we are on the way via phone and keep them up to speed as much as possible.  But there is only going to be so many people that we are going to be able to keep abreast of things via phone.  It's going to be taxing for DH as he does not keep medical stuff straight and I won't be in much shape at the beginning to have multiple phone conversations. 

After I get home, it will be several weeks before I really will be able to be out and about.  I'd like to use Facebook and CaringBridge as my main methods of communication, because I can post once and then everyone will be able to see it.  However, after reading the comments on the thread "Would this upset you?" I am worried that I will offend other family members and friends by calling them individually and keeping them updated. 

If you had a friend or family member in this situation, would you be willing to visit these sites to keep tabs?

Yes, of course!  In fact, that's how I would prefer to stay notified.

I'm happy with either a special group on Facebook or being able to check into Caring Bridge. I care enough to do that and am happy they want me to know.

I think what you're suggesting is perfectly reasonable. Could you let family/friends know in advance (via email, or ask your parents to pass it on, etc) that this will be how you'll update everyone on how you are and what's happening, and explain it's because it will be too taxing on your recovery to keep each individual updated personally?

Outdoor Girl:
I don't see anything wrong with your plan.  I'm not on Facebook but if I were your friend, i would just get in touch with another friend who was and get the updates from them.  Once you were up to e-mails, I'd communicate with you directly.

Keep your go bag by the door; I hope all goes well for you!


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