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When DP went from chemo to emergency surgery and coma two years ago, that's exactly what we did - Facebook. It worked beautifully, I could make messages with more detail for those that wanted it, leave my status updates for the broad strokes, and even posted video when she started walking again and such. It's a very easy medium to use, family can print or simply relay the details to the non-tech folks (my aunt printed a couple of days worth at a time and took them to my grandparents).

Good luck with the kidney - here's hoping it's soon and works great!

Actually, I did this myself.  Last year, I was hospitalized with the mother of all infections that infected both of my hip prostheses.  While my b/f or myself (if I could) called my dad and sister to give them updates, my friends and boss got updates on Facebook.

If we had to call everyone, it would have been impossible to handle.

Later, after I was released from the hospital and rehab 8 weeks later, I dealt with people on a more personal basis.

I think CaringBridge is the perfect way to deal with this.  People can choose how often/what way they want to be notified (generally just of new posts) and it lets it be a select-in type thing vs. everyone on Facebook. 


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