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Sheila Take a Bow:
I know someone whose daughter has some serious health problems. She posted something on Facebook asking people who wanted to be included in medical updates to let her know, and she created a private FB group so she could keep everyone up to date.

Good luck. Hopefully you'll hear some good news soon.

I would keep the gruesome medical details to a minimum. And no pictures of anything medical. Those are some things that can be upsetting to people that are not expecting them. I work in a doctor's office. Blood and guts don't bother me at all. But I would be surprised to see them on a wall on Facebook.

Otherwise I also agree that using Facebook would be a good way to keep friends and family updated with your general health and activities.

I think that is fine. If people have no idea your health issues are severe enough to require a transplant you might want to call or at least message/email them individually now to let them know it will be happening "sometime in the future". When "sometime" comes sharing updates on fb seems reasonable. For very close family you might want to call if you are up to it. Maybe every other day, once a week, whatever. Maybe call one person each time and have them let the rest of the family know?

I think a facebook group is the best way (unless you have a close friends/family only facebook list-then you can do standard facebook updates). People understand that when you have medical issues you have limited time.

I would prefer this. I hate feeling like I'm either neglecting a friend/family member or that I'm intruding on their recovery. In the past we have had one family member outside the immediate household who was the contact person for situations like this. That way the household could concentrate on the sick person

You might want to have a friend or family member set up so s/he can post for you at first.


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