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Locker Room Confrontation

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That is just insane! I cant believe that happened but I wouldnt say anything unless it happens again since she isnt there to have a stern talking to for that behavior!, LilacRosey

This was resolved by me talking with gym management.  I have been a visibly active member for about 15 years so they know me and they know my daughter.  It's not Lifetime, but I have been a very loyal member. I didn't want any sort of major drama to unfold, and truth be told, it's a situation that is not likely to ever be repeated.  Prior to this I cannot think of a time I have taken my daughter into the locker room, and on this particular day we went at a different time than usual so we are not likley to run into the "Naked Angry Lady" member again.  That said, I did report it and management was baffled as to the motivation and apologized in general.  They said that there was no report against me or anything resembling that so I am guessing someone who does not like children was having a bad day and decided to take it out on me!  I just wish I could unsee all that angry naked flesh shaking at me!  :)

I'm surprised it is not Lifetime since you called the childcare Kidzone. 


--- Quote from: sparksals on February 20, 2013, 09:27:09 PM ---I'm surprised it is not Lifetime since you called the childcare Kidzone.

--- End quote ---
It was a purposeful skew but it's very similar :)


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