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Locker Room Confrontation

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I assume you are talking about Lifetime. I go to Lakeville.  The rule is no opposite gender children.  You and your DD broke no rule.  She probably thought all people with kids have to use the Family locker room, but not the case. Only if you have opposite gender children.

I suggest next time you see her, point her out to the attendant.  Hard to report someone when you don't know who they are to report.   

There are some people in this world for which the mere presence of children makes them lose their minds.  I'm afraid you encountered one of them.  You did absolutely nothing wrong, but that lady?  Rude to the max. If you see her again, I think you should tell someone at the front desk, so they can "clarify" the policy for her.

She was wrong to touch you and to yell at you, it does not even come under rude, touching you is wrong, even if she is confused about the rules. I do have to wonder where she got the idea that kids were not allowed in the changeroom. I had I witnessed this I would not only be reporting the woman, but questioning how she got that idea.
  It needs to be fixed - yesterday.

Confusion doesn't excuse her behaviour in the slightest.  I am pretty sure everyone is told the rules of the locker room when getting the tour.  I was shown the ladies plus the family locker room.  They make it very clear when joining. 

I may be wrong, but I THINK there are signs at each entry about no opposite gender children.  There is definitely a sign that cell phones cameras are not to be used in the locker room.  In fact, my internet is disabled in the locker room area. 

The woman was horribly wrong to accost the OP like that.  There is NO excuse to grab someone. 

You don't lay hands on others.  Period.  You were doing nothing wrong and that woman had a very over the top reaction.  I would report if for no other reason than to have the staff aware that there was an issue just in case you run into her again.


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