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Bunny, Squirrel or something else?

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This has been a rather amusing discussion in my house this morning, and I thought it would be fun to add here as a game.  My dog has a rather interesting marking on her back.  I say it looks like one thing, my father says something else.  My son sides with my father, my sister sides with me.  Here's her picture.  Do you see the side view of a squirrel, the back view of a bunny, or something else entirely?

Add your own pictures of interesting pet markings or other things that can be seen in multiple ways!

I can definitely see the side view of the squirrel.  I can't really see the bunny.  I mean, I can see two little circles at the top that could be ears, but then I'm not sure which of the two larger parts near the bottom would be the bunny and which would be... what else?  Too big for the tail.  So I'd definitely say squirrel.  :)

I totally see a bunny. I don't know how one can see a squirrel there!  :)

I can see a squirrel and a bunny, but I'm more of a "caterpillar in a mushroom patch" person myself.

Now that's one I haven't heard today.  Between the kids and my parents and my friends on facebook I've heard the rock monster from the original "Star Trek", a snowman carrying boulders, and, of course, the squirrel and bunny!


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