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Buying jewelry online vs. in-store

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So I received some birthday money and have decided to buy myself something shiny. I want a blue diamond ring and have looked both online and in-store.

My options are:

1. Buy in-store and get exactly what I want, which is way above budget.

2. Buy in-store and compromise on something that's pretty and in-budget, but not really what I want.

3. Buy online and get something very very close to what I want, below budget.

Buying in-store has the huge benefit of being able to get a warranty. I love pave-set stones and unfortunately they tend to come loose easily, especially with how clumsy I am. An in-store warranty will cover future resizing, cleanings, stone looseness or loss, re-plating, etc.

Buying online has the huge advantage of price. My #1 choice online is about $800 less than my #1 choice in-store. But, I would not be able to get a warranty. I will have to pay for all future cleanings, re-dippings, and stone re-setting if needed.

To further complicate things, I will probably be moving cross-country in the next several months, so finding a local jeweler is impractical. If I buy in-store it will have to be a chain jeweler.


Have you considered not buying anything until after you move?  That way, you could search in the local market where you'll be living.


--- Quote from: MrTango on February 18, 2013, 10:39:28 AM ---Have you considered not buying anything until after you move?  That way, you could search in the local market where you'll be living.

--- End quote ---

I have considered it. The problem is that I don't know when I'll be moving, it'll be anywhere from 2 months to a year. I could go that route, but I didn't want to wait indefinitely.

Buy it from Blue Nile, if they have what you want.  Their customer service is amazing, and moving will not cause you any problems.

My only "issue" with them was that a local jewelry store wouldn't resize my engagement ring.  (I wanted it done in-house because I heard horror stories of diamonds being replaced.)  so, I sent it back to Blue Nile and had it back within a week.

My DH bought me pearl earrings for an anniversary 4-5 years ago.  The post broke over the summer.  They emailed me a return label, and fixed my earring and checked the second one, all free of charge.  I did not have an extended warranty or insurance on them.

Good luck!  I'm looking at a yellow or chocolate diamond for my upcoming anniversary.  Colored diamonds are so beautiful!

Erich L-ster:
I would buy it online as long as it's a reputable company.


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