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I am a notary.  I am the only one where I work.  The company paid for my renewal and new stamp a few years ago, and I notarize company documents whenever requested.

I will also notarize personal documents for employees when needed. But one employee is driving me crazy. His work hours and mine end at the same time.  He wants me to stay beyond my quitting time so he can get off work and then come to my office to notarize something (he works 2 blocks away). So far, we've only communicated in voice mails, but I have told him that my office hours are from 7:30-4:30, and if he wants me to do this, he needs to see me then.

I have tried the Toots Special, repeating in each message I leave him "my office hours are from 7:30-4:30" but it doesn't seem to sink in.


Auntie Mame:
Keep saying no, keep repeating your office hours.  he can show up with the documents after 4:30 as many times as he wants, you won't be there to notarize.    Perhaps tell him "You are free to stop by after 4:30pm, but I will not be here".
He is interrupting your work day?  Because that is something I would take to my manager.

Why can't he come at lunch time? 

I think you need to be a bit more forceful that after work won't work for you.  Also you could send him an email reiterating.

"My office hours are from 7:30-4:30 and I will not be staying later as I have other obligations. I can meet you during lunch if necessary.  If this doesn't work for  you, then perhaps you can try your bank or credit union as they also have notary services at no cost and are often open on weekends."

Just tell him that you cannot stay past 4:30pm to notarize personal documents & he needs to make arrangements to stop by for this favor while you're in the office. 

Perhaps the next time you speak with him, or leave him a message, you could state explicitly "I will not be able to stay late to accommodate you. If you want to come to my office during my regular working hours I will be happy to notarize a document for you. If that does not work for you I suggest you check with your bank or your local library as they often have notaries available."

 Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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