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Things you wish you never saw . . . please see Post #46, pg. 4, before posting

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This is open to everyone and your posts don't have to pertain to my particular story.

Is there something that you saw and wished it could be unseen? Something that you would like to have erased from your memory?

My story:

I finally came into the modern world and signed up for on-line banking. I saw all of my accounts and clicked on one "College Account" thinking this was a certain fund that I use to pay for college. But, no. It was my DD#1's account . . . The DDs get a "free" account with the bank so long as I'm primary.

I guess I'm allowed to see what they are spending their money on. :o

I wish I never saw this because there were a few (in my mind) questionable expenditures. It's her money, but I was shocked at the balance. She has hardly anything left to last her the next 3 months at school!

I'm biting my Momma tongue, waiting to see how this will pan out. In the mean time . . . as Sgt. Shultz would say "I know notink!" :-X

How did you handle the things you wish you never saw?

The website PeopleofWalmart. Dear god, I still cannot believe people walk around in public (or even private) dressed like that. All I can think is "that cannot possibly be real." But apparently it is.

CSI Las Vegas did an episode around body modifications.
Returning from a commercial they launched into a scene in a tattoo/piercing shop. Which opened with a close up of a tongue splitting.

I was lunging for the remote when it ended, but I still can't unsee that.

My upper supervision in Korea. I'm all for letting loose and having a good time, but it is really hard to keep a straight face and take a guy seriously when the last time you saw him he was skunk drunk and motorboating a Juicy girl. It does add a certain flavor of humor to the "responsible drinking" lectures though >:D

Various unidentified frying objects on the beach. 


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