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I hate having my picture taken.  No, I mean, I really hate it.  I never look "right", or I blink, and I just get really anxious.  I hate it.  I literally hide from the camera if I see it.

I just found out today that my aunt emailed my dad and said that my cousin, who is getting married very soon, is having a family photo taken that day.  We're all expected to be in it, and I'm (unreasonably, I realize) angry.  We never see them, and I don't want to be photographed.  However, I also don't want to make waves or be talked about, which is sure to happen.

Should I suck it up and just keep quiet about it, or is there a polite way to bring it up?

I think you'd be just fine with a combination of "Why would I want to do that?" and "No."

gramma dishes:
You certainly have my sympathies because I share your abhorrence of having my picture taken.  That woman I see in the mirror in my own house with my own lighting never resembles even remotely that ugly woman that always appears in pictures  -- the one that other people identify as being me.

I assume from your post that this family portrait is going to be taken on the day of the wedding?  If so, take heart that there will be so many people in this picture that all of you are going to look teeny tiny and barely distinguishable from one another.  You will also be dressed nicely and have on whatever kind of makeup and the hairdo you wear to such an event, so you'll look good. 

You probably already know which side is your 'best' side, so arrange to stand where  you can turn your face ever so slightly so that your 'good' side is the one that is visible. 

And you can try for standing a couple of rows back too.

If it all goes to hell in a handbasket for you that day and you get a huge outcropping of giant pimples and big chunks of your hair fell out and a tooth got broken as you were getting out of your car and someone drove by and splashed mud up all over your dress, then get in line, smile brightly and just as you know the photographer is going to release the shutter, duck behind the tallest person there.

Hope this helps!   :) :D ;D ;)

I feel your pain...I always look like I just finished a fifth of Jack Daniels in pictures.  I have honestly never taken a good picture and I avoid cameras as much as possible.  But in this case, they want a picture for the wedding, so I would try to blend in in the back behind someone who is tall ;).  It is one pic and if it is a family pic, they tend to not be close ups in order to get everyone  so you should be ok. 

Thanks.  :) 

Yeah, as far as I know, it will be taken on the day of the wedding.  Most likely, I'll just stay quiet and put up with it.  We never really see them, but we're still on good terms, and I don't want to either hurt her feelings or be talked about for years to come as "the ogre who ruined her cousin's wedding".  Being "forced" to have my picture taken almost sends me into a panic attack, but I like the way it was put here.  Big group, no one but the bride and groom standing out. 

My mother isn't too thrilled about it either, so at least I'm not the only one!  ;D


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