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Was I rude to cut off the topic?

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Not at all you did the rigth thing!, LilacRosey

I have had success being very direct with my 90 y.o. grandmother about the few subjects that I do not want to discuss with her (my weight, my rel@tionship with my father).

It's good to be clear and straightforward with this stuff. If you don't want her to tell you about FIL and SMIL, be specific when you tell her that. Otherwise, she may just think you don't want to be around FIL but would like to keep up.

"Gma, I don't think I was clear when I said we didn't want anything more to do with Dad. He isn't a part of my life any more and I don't want to hear what he and [his wife] are doing. How is Uncle doing these days?"


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