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I don't think he's the one who should be reprimanded...

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Lady Snowdon:
My team has acquired some new members over the past few months.  One of the new people shall henceforth be called LoudNewLady or LNL, because even though she sits as far away from me as possible, I can still hear every word of her phone calls, every question she asks her mentor, and every comment she makes about her tasks.  ::)

Today LNL came in two hours late and spent most of the day complaining about how messed up her daily routine was because of her lateness.  At the end of the day, she mentioned that our boss hadn't remembered that she was going to be late, and had sent her a concerned email asking if everything was okay.  Then she said, in a very put-upon, martyred tone, "So I had to go remind him that I'd texted him over the weekend to tell him I would be late today!". 

I was pretty stunned.  First off, Boss had made it pretty clear that he was gone last weekend.  He wasn't even in town, and had actually taken Monday off.  Secondly, I know that Boss doesn't have a work cell phone.  So LNL had gotten Boss' personal cell phone number, texted him at a time when he wasn't even around to make notes about what she said, and then put up a big stink about having to "remind" him that she was out!  Surely she could have emailed him (on his work email address) or left him a voicemail (on his work phone) as well. 

I'm not going to bring this up to her, or to Boss for that matter, but it doesn't give me the best opinion of LNL.  Between this, the pouting she did because I told her it wasn't acceptable for her to take 4 hours for 3 tasks that shouldn't have taken more than 30 minutes each, and then finding out she didn't actually do any of those tasks, she's starting to rack up PD points kind of fast for a newbie. 

That doesn't really sound like a "reprimand," just standard-issue work grousing, and you don't know how she got his number. Let that one go; it's not really your business and she was just venting. (ETA: She may well have been rude when she reminded him she said she'd be late--but we don't know that. It may all be venting-bravado. And still not your business.)

If she takes too long to do her tasks and then hasn't really done them anyway, that's pretty annoying and I'm dealing with something similar myself.  >:( If you're in a position where you do have enough authority to tell her what is and isn't acceptable, she should listen to you on that count. I can't tell from your post if she's your subordinate or not.  :-\

What are PD points?

Professional Darwinism

Ah, I thought they were something official at work, like Professional Discipline points or something.

Who was reprimanded?
Does it concern/affect you?
What's the etiquette issue?


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