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sister in law doesnt seem to want to visit help!

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Do they invite you to come visit, or are you suggesting you want to come see them?

Maybe she feels you and your brother want to spend tome together without her?  How has she treated you in the past?  Has she been chatty and friendly or is she just polite?

Visiting every 3-4 months plus your disability and you state, albeitconfusingly "I don't stay with them because they cant host me due to my disability and stairs" and stay at a motel...
perhaps this is just too much for SIL with everything else on her plate.  that's a lot of visits, trips to and from the hotel to pick/drop you off; presumably dealing with the stairs for bathroom trips and dealing with your disability.  You don't say how long your visits are but if you are staying at a motel, then it is more than a 1 day visit.   Is your brother around for your visits? Again, this is probably too much for SIL.  She may be resentful that your brother isn't around for these visits and it all falls on her. 

How old are you? From your earlier posts, I have the impression you are quite young. Do you drive to/from the motel?  How do you get to the motel?  Do they have to do anything special in their home due to your disability? Do they have children? Does SIL work outside the home?

LilacRosey, have you tried getting dates from your SIL that work well for her and your brother?  Instead of saying "I'd like to come on March 122nd", you could say "I'd like to come visit you and Brother.  What dates work best for you?"

Are you friends with your SIL? I know my two soon to be ex-SIL and I wouldn't mind spending an evening or two catching up with them, but I don't know them well enough that I would actually want to spend an entire visit with them.


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