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Just checking re: perceived rudeness


I've had someone call me several times this week requesting to talk with colleagues of mine, and subsequently interrupting my work, for which I have given the necessary information. Today, I had the same caller ask to speak to 2 of my colleagues - I asked "did they not give you their direct numbers?" He said "They did. I just hit redial - can I confirm the numbers?". Seriously, who does this?

Lots and lots of people, i am afraid! it laziness. but it happens All. The. Time.

Ugh, I get this all the time.  Fortunately, I have a display on my phone that tells me who's calling.  If it is one of the chronic lazies* I can ignore it.  Eventually, they will dial the correct number.

*Had one woman who consistently called for a professor in a different department.  I gave her the correct number three times but she just felt that I could transfer her.  Yeah, fine.  Except when she got his voice mail and called me back to "take a message".


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