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Rude to offer child’s appetizer to others?

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--- Quote from: Sharnita on February 21, 2013, 05:56:39 PM ---Actually, I thinkit depends on the rules established in that family.  In my family apps would be shared and if we wee allowed to order them it would be with the understanding that others might partake as well.  You thought she seemed surprised but it doesn't seem clear whether thhis is an established practice in their family or not.

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Maybe--but especially given the look of surprise, I as an outsider to the family would err on the side of not eating the kid's food, as the OP did. If it is a rule that she share, she can share with her mom, but I wouldn't want to participate just in case it isn't okay with her. Especially since I remember how hungry I always was at that age, and how hungry swimming has always made me.

I defnitely think it is fine to opt out, I just wouldn't try to evaluate the parents' decisions. 


--- Quote from: Sharnita on February 21, 2013, 06:11:54 PM ---I defnitely think it is fine to opt out, I just wouldn't try to evaluate the parents' decisions.

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I might well evaluate it in my head, if I thought the parent was being unkind. That's my right. I wouldn't say anything except "no thank you." But everyone privately evaluates things all the time.

rose red:
It's rude.  If someone order an appetizer or soup or dessert with their meal, it's theirs.  Even the mother asked if anyone want (name's) cheese sticks, so she acknowledge it's the daughters.

Like others, I would simply decline but I would feel a bit uncomfortable about what she did.

Since mother offered to share, I don't think it would have been a problem to accept.  I don't think it was crossing boundaries on the child's food.  This wasn't her meal.  Her meal was coming.  If you helped yourself without the offer, that would have been rude.  Since she offered, yum! (I wouldn't help myself to a second one, though) 

I'm also thinking a little about eating in front of others who don't have their food yet.   We've sat and waited for everyone to be served before digging in on a few occasions.  Perhaps the mother wanted to share for this reason.  Certainly I would offer to share my appetizer if I was digging in everyone else is waiting.  Usually people decline, but I don't want to be munching away without at least offering. 


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