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Mindy McCready's ex-fiance speaks

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--- Quote from: oceanus on February 22, 2013, 08:03:20 PM ---
Who was "honoring" Mindy McCready, and who was "honoring" suicide? ??? 

The issue is "Is it okay to give an interview trashing someone who just died that you had a relationship with 15 yrs ago?"

--- End quote ---

I don't think Dean trashed Mindy.  I think he was honest about his interaction with her.  I find that refreshing and healthy. As I pointed out upthread, he shows much caring about her children.  I believe that sugarcoating the reality of what someone who commits suicide was and did is quite harmful.  My issue is with the idea that only good things can be said about someone who kills herself.  I find that troubling and counterproductive.

It may have been 15 yrs, and maybe he should have used the 'if you don't have anything nice to say..." rule, but if you have ever been truly hurt by someone in life, I don't feel you should sugar coat it in death.  What he said wasn't trashing her, but expressing his true feelings.  And, I don't really follow celebrity news too closely, but as a country music fan, I do vaguely remember her trashing him after the breakup  and saying some really vile things. 
And Sharnita, I agree 100 % with how people some how are absolved in death, even in the case of celebrities, they are put up as some golden idol because they went 'too soon', and that saddens me because it doesn't teach future generations other than you can take all the drugs you want but as long as you sing or act, it is ok, and when you finally kills yourself by OD or suicide, you will be a bigger hero.  To me, his words were kind of refreshing because everyone was gushing about her in the media, and he just stated the truth.

Perfectly stated, *inviteseller. 


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