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Mindy McCready's ex-fiance speaks

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I think you have to be very careful believing what words the media put into someone's mouth.
Take it with a kilo of salt.

I also think this is the important part:

--- Quote ---As for McCready's sons, Cain is heartbroken. "My first thought was of the poor kids. To think about the legacy those boys have been left, it's just tragic. ... All her troubles were self-inflicted. She had everything. She was a tremendous talent but everything about it was a waste."
--- End quote ---

The bolded is spot on.  I believe suicide is incredibly selfish.  There is no way to sugarcoat what she did.

I wonder if the remarks are those he sent out, or a rather unprepared response on having a reporter call him and ask for comments? If they were deliberately released, I would consider them very poor taste. But if he got a call from a reporter, who got him reminiscing in an unguarded way about a girl he'd once loved, they're less offensive.

As long as Cain isn't telling her family to stop grieving and expecting her mom to hate her, I think he's fine. He probably should have declined the interview though.

I don't think Dean did anything wrong. I don't like it when people who have died are turned into different people altogether in the memories of those who lived them. Especially in cases of suicide, I don't grasp the desire to honor the person or look for a reason for the senseless decision. I think it's really harmful because it sends the message that there was a justifiable reason, if only we look hard enough and long enough. I also think "honoring" people who commit suicide sends an awful message of " here is a way to get people to notice you and say nice things about you."


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