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Author Topic: S/O Thing you wish you never saw . . . Things you wish you could see again.  (Read 1632 times)

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I remember about 25+ years ago when I was newly separated (divorce pending) from my first husband I had a serious itch to get out of dodge.

I called my sister and asked if it would be okay if I came and visited her for a week or so. She said no problem, gave me directions, etc.

Sis lived in Leadville, Colorado (which is the highest elevated city in the US -- over 10,000 ft. above sea level.) She was rooming with a friend who had built a log cabin on the outskirts of town.

Long story short, while the cabin was primitive (no electricity unless you turned on the generator) it was situated so that the master bedroom had a window view of the mountain landscape. The view was awesome.

The thing that I really wish I could see again? Is the night sky.

I never saw stars like that before or since. There was absolutely no intrusion of surrounding city lights, it was a completely black sky with the shining stars. The stars seemed to be so bright and big! So close that you could reach out and grab them.

I was in awe of that night sky.

Before I die, I would like to take my DDs on a trip to Leadville, CO just so that they could see the the incredible-reach-out-and-grab-them stars.

What about you? What awesome thing would you like to see again? ;D


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1.  Back in October of 2010, we went camping on Assateague Island and one night as we sat out by the campfire, we looked up and could see the stars and Milky Way clear as can be.  It was absolutely beautiful and took my breath away. :)

2. Also Assateague Island, Labor Day weekend of 2011.  My best friend and I were walking along the beach talking and just paused to look out over the water and saw some shiny gray bodies with fins cutting through the water.  Dolphins!!  They didn't just swim past, they were actually jumping out and playing around! :) I think there were about 5 of them.  I absolutely love dolphins and to be able to see them in the wild was wonderful! :)

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The stars... I think the closest I come is going south on a trailhead through the Cosos and continued for 20 or so miles.  We're starting to get Vegas' light, though.  It's no fair.  But I love it when I can get out and see it (it's so rare, despite it being so close.)  I love the sky, night and day...

This is more abstract, but I wish I could see the world as I did when I was a child.  It seemed a lot larger, the sky higher, probably for physical reasons... but something about standing out in the desert after a rainstorm and looking in a puddle like it was a portal into another world; seeing through the portal to that mirror's cloudy sky and distorted sun?  It felt all sorts of magical.


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We were on an Alaska cruise.

  It was after dinner on a formal night.  Mr. Thipu was wearing his tux and I was wearing a LBD with an ivory shawl. The weather was mild.  The moon was full and the sky was cloudless. 

As we strolled around the Promenade deck, a trio of orca, all dressed in their formal black and white outfits, decided to play along the side of the ship.  They stayed with us for a good ten minutes.

The scene looked like something out of an advertisement for a cruise line but it really happened.     


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For all to brief a time I lived in the house of my dreams in eastern Kentucky.  It was set in the woods and if you leaned over the sofa and looked out the back window at just the right time of day you would catch rays  of sunlight coming through the trees.  It is impossible for me to describe adequately but the effect was magical. 

When we lived on a little mini farm south of Houston I liked to look up at the sky over the front of our property.  It just looked so big.  More magic.

I'll never see either of those things again but I wish I could. 


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I wish I could see my late grandfather's hands again.  He was a laborer/builder and had very rough, worn hands.  I remember sitting next to my grandpa in the church pew and tracing the lines on his hands with my fingers.  Even though they were rough, I still liked to hold them. :)


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^ POD IrishGenes - like you, I really miss my Daddy's hands.  He was a carpenter for 44 years and he had very large, very rough hands, yet he had a very gentle touch and was very loving and affectionate.  The sight of those huge hands patting my babies backs always brought me to tears.  He was very hands on with all his grandchildren and yet not one baby ever complained his hands were too rough.  He's been gone for almost 2 years now but it's a very precious memory.
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My grandparents' house in New Orleans. It was a very nice house, painted pink stucco on the outside, and they had a library/study that was so big and airy...I can remember every detail of that house like the house I grew up in.
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