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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

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I am looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever, and I know at least one of my fellow e-Hellions has it. Care to share?

This one is very good, and is a bit famous.

This sounds like a fun topic for research!

Thanks! With the exception of the expresso ingredient that looks good.

Just Lori:

I'd like to play with different pudding mix flavors, but the original recipe is awesome on its own.

Oh, and I just read a hint for making cookies soft and chewy - add a couple teaspoons of cornstarch to the dough.  I may have to try that, too, because I love my chocolate chip cookies to be soft and chewy.

A tip...
If you want your cookies to be thicker and more puffy, use only half the baking soda that the recipe calls for.
Your cookies won't be at all flat! I've only used as much as 1/4 tsp., and it made no difference in the flavor of the cookies.

Another tip, is to keep the dough in the fridge between batches you're putting in the oven. Chill the dough for a couple of hours before you use it, as well. That also helps the cookies to not be flat.


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