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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

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I don't have an absolute favourite recipe but find that you can't go wrong with any recipe that has brown sugar, rolled oats and peanut butter!

All these yummy recipes are making me hungry now...I'll have to try them out :D


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--- Quote from: Hmmmmm on February 25, 2013, 09:04:43 PM ---Like this blogger, I've seen this recipe from Anna Olson all over pintrest and other blogs, but I've not made them yet. I've read at least 5 blogs where the person who did try the recipe says they are the best ever.

and here is another link that compares Alton Brown's chewy cookie, Cooks Illustrated chewy cookie and an adaption of Anna Olson's cookies.

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Did you forget the second link?  I was excited to read the comparison!

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Sorry, here it is.


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Sorry, here it is.

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Thank you!

My favorite website by far for a long time is The Improvised Life. It is nothing short of spectacular for all kinds of reasons. Today, they printed a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that looks and sounds ... beyond exceptional. I wanted to share it here:

I made the cookies with half the recommended baking soda and the extra half-cup of flour. I also added some Himalayan pink salt that I had ground to mostly a fine grind. Not all of the crystals were ground, however, and the cookies have an occasional large salt crystal that gives them a most interesting taste. I think I will use more unground crystals and less finely ground salt next time.


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