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Klein Bottle:

--- Quote from: laud_shy_girl on March 08, 2013, 06:01:10 PM ---ahh diet pop.

I HATE diet drinks. I am sensitive to sweeteners. They make me wheezy and sick. I think I am actuality allergic to them. More to the point I can taste them. blercgh  :P

My sisters is adamant I can't taste them. She out right calls me a lier and hounds me about drinking diet. The number of people (usually bar people or people over hearing me ask a bar person to change a drink becouse they gave me diet when I didn't ask for it) who become dictator like over my drinks is amazing. total strangers will "ask" in total disbelieving way "why I am not drinking diet?"

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They make me sick,too.  But that doesn't stop people from pushing them on me.  Once, I went with a then-boyfriend to his dad's birthday celebration.  His mom provided Diet Cokes and that Crystal Light stuff as the choice of beverages, and I politely turned them down.  She was a sweet lady, and kept insisting that I "would not taste the difference" in the Crystal Light.  Not wanting to be adamant, I just told her I wasn't thirsty.  Eventually, I wound up with a glass of tap water to wash down the cake and ice cream    ;D  (Thankfully, they were not sugar-free!)

I love diet, caffeine-free soda. Just figured I'd be the sole opposing voice on the matter.  ;D

I avoided caffeine entirely for 25 years or so, as when I was in my late teens I discovered that it made me quite ill -  as in nausea and vomiting and similar unpleasantness. Just a couple of years ago however, my husband brought home some diet cream soda from the store and I got into the habit of taking a can with me to work every day. After a couple of weeks, I finally noticed, in small print on the can, the words "contains caffeine." I cautiously experimented with other caffeinated drinks and sure enough, I'd outgrown my caffeine problems! Exactly when it happened I have no idea, as I'd been very religious about avoiding the stuff.

So I've experienced both pro- and anti-caffeine dictators.  :-\

Queen of Clubs:
Some people are just dictatorial. No matter what you're doing/not doing or eating/not eating, if they do anything differently or eat anything different, then you are wrong and must be put right.


--- Quote from: Queen of Clubs on March 10, 2013, 08:59:19 AM ---Some people are just dictatorial. No matter what you're doing/not doing or eating/not eating, if they do anything differently or eat anything different, then you are wrong and must be put right.

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Also known as Control Freaks, who are frequently the most insecure people you know.


--- Quote from: doodlemor on March 06, 2013, 02:26:41 PM ---

At some point in the past I read an article with the premise that sometimes people with food aversions have an allergy to the food that they dislike. Do you ever have problems/symptoms after eating foods with a high egg content, like custard, Coley?

[edited because I can't spell]

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These stories are not supposed to be scientific fact but my family has been told to treat food aversion as food allergy until it can be checked out because of family history.

The docs wouldn't test me for allergies until I was in HS. Mom and Dad were told not to push any food that I seemed to have an aversion to especially if I described it as physically uncomfortable (like calling something itchy).

When I finally got tested - I went into anaphylactic shock from the skin test. Then a couple more times from the actual tests. When we finally got through the test (was suppose to take 2 days took 4 or 5 days), almost every food I HATED was on that list. A couple of hated foods that weren't on the list either a) had a similar flavor to something on the list b) was often mixed something I did test positive to C) had a similar texture to something on the list.

Sis HATES eggs. She hates them with a purple passion. Cannot keep anything that is mainly eggs down. She gags and gets sick. She also swears that the flu shot gave her a horrible case of the flu. I suggested that she might be allergic to eggs - and that the horrible case of the flu could have been a reaction. She is going to ask her doc about next time she goes in for a check up.


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