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Book one hotel or two? (Liverpool, June)

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This is a sort of odd situation: I'm traveling to the UK for a week the first week of June (I'll be staying in one city 7 nights). This is for research - I'm a grad student in my early 30s. I won't find out until mid-late April if I get any funding from the University to help defray expenses.

Thing 1: I'm worried that the end of April might be too late to book a room for a whole week anywhere in Liverpool, particularly not as I need to be close to the bus or fairly centrally located.

Thing 2: I have identified both a hostel and a relatively cheap hotel as places to stay. Hostel would be an all-female room with 4 beds, so me and 3 other people (shared room, having to use a locker = bah, but kitchen and socialization outside of the room = yay!). Hotel would be me alone (space to my introverted self = yay, having to go out to find people when I'm feeling extroverted = bah). The hotel is about twice as spendy as the hostel.

So... do I reserve only one? Which one? I could probably afford the hotel, but it would be a greater burden on my overall budget.
Do I book both and then cancel one when I find out if I got funding? Is this a horrible thing to do?

If you will be visiting at a time that is not during the UK academic year, another option might be a single room in a residential college. You get the advantage of privacy, but they are cheaper than hotels. They will also be near the universities, so probably conveniently located for your research. e.g. http://www.halls.london.ac.uk/visitor/Default.aspx

Just noticed you will be in Liverpool, not London. http://www.liv.ac.uk/accommodation/

Thank you - I'd briefly looked at the site, but saw only the 65/night and not 180/week. I'll email them today and see what the rates are for visiting scholars.

Merryns beat me to the University suggestion.
Going back to the original question, I don't think that booking both and then cancelling one is rude or horrible (but do double check the terms and conditions to make sure whether you forfeit a deposit if you cancel)

Unless there is a big festival or other event on during the week you're planning to visit, I'd be very surprised if everywhere was booked up for the time you're there.

Enjoy your trip


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