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Tell Me About Lentils, Please.

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I like to experiment with new ingredients and have decided to learn about lentils. I have never tried them before. Anyone got any good recipes to share?

I make a very zesty Ethiopian cold lentil salad: boil lentils until done (you can try one or two as they boil to see if they are to your taste or need further cooking). Drain and chill under cold water, and drain some more. Toss with Italian dressing (lite dressing if you wish), and if you choose you can add some chopped raw onion and/or sliced raw jalapenos - enjoy!

There are different varieties, colors. I usually use either the red/orange ones to make soup , and the green or black to makestews. The red ones disintegrate and become mush so the soup is like a split pea soup in texture. The green/black hold their shape I usually make them into mujaddra-a middle Eastern rice and lentil dish, or I use them for harira, the yummy morrocan soup. I also have a recipe for vegetarian patties, I even think they are here somewhere on ehell. I'll try to post some later when I'm on a real 'puter if you'd like.

The cool thing about lentils is that they cook faster than other beans and you didn't need to presoak , and they're a bit more gentle on the tummy.


Search for dal (or dahl) recipes - flavourful Indian lentil dishes.

They also make a good basis for a split-pea type soup, either vegetarian, or with ham or bacon as a flavouring.

I've heard, but haven't tried it, that some sorts of lentils can be used instead of meat in things like chili - it gives a similar texture to the final dish.

I cook my lentlis with wild rice or basmati rice.  I usually get the green/black ones but I have used red ones as well.  I prefer rice over lentils so I usually do a 2:1 ratio of rice to lentils. I saute everything with a bit of oil, spices and garlic first and then add in warm chicken stock and set to simmer for about 20 min.  My chicken stock ration is 3:1 chicken stock to rice/lentil combo.


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