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Author Topic: Rude Boss  (Read 5698 times)

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Re: Rude Boss
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2013, 09:58:27 AM »
I've had some doozies for bosses, which have led me to a firm belief in the Peter Principle.

I worked at a large private university in the library system. My boss was about 50 at the time (younger than me now), but dressed and acted like a much older woman. (I thought she was 70 when I first met her.)  I was 25 at the time. The first day of work she pointed her finger at me and yelled, "Don't think you're going to take my job, young lady!" I was taken aback and blurted out the truth as I saw it, "How could I possibly take your job? I'm not qualified for it! Plus my job is a lot of pr that you don't do. Apples and oranges."  She calmed down a little. but she always seemed threatened by me or frankly, any younger woman. She liked men, especially older men -- she was sweet as pie to them.  But amongst her behaviors:

1. She would run laps around our reading room when she got angry. In front of patrons.  She often got angry.
2. She once told an employee that it was too bad abortions weren't retroactive.
3. She would berate me for wearing certain colors because "Librarians wear forest green, tan, black, grey and navy blue. NO OTHER COLORS. Also you must always wear a suit, no separates, no dresses." I went to her boss and asked if these were work rules or not. He told me that she was nuts and to ignore her rules. He also told me that one of the reasons I'd been hired was that they wanted a younger face and attitude for the library and the way I dressed -- which was professional but appropriate for my age -- was definitely helping boost the library's image amongst students. 
4. She would say that gay people should be shot. One of our coworkers was gay (and closeted). Nightmare.  We would always tell her to stop and she would flounce off.
5. She once commented that she liked to go to the symphony and the opera, but had no one to go with. A few days later, I was talking with an elderly gentlemen who was a widower and mentioned that he and his late wife had lifetime season passes for two tickets to the opera and symphony, but he didn't have anyone to go with. Aha! I thought. I can make my boss happy. She loves older men, she loves the opera and symphony, perfect match, right? So the next day at work, I tell her about this opportunity and before I've finished, she starts screaming at me, "I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX! Why must you always talk about SEX!"  At that point, the entire area fell silent. I said calmly, "I was not the one talking about sex. I was offering you an opportunity to do something you said you wanted to do -- go to the symphony and orchestra with someone--" She started screaming again, "No, it's all about SEX!" I looked at her and said, "No, not to ME." And walked away.


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Re: Rude Boss
« Reply #16 on: February 28, 2013, 12:59:22 PM »
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Re: Rude Boss
« Reply #17 on: February 28, 2013, 04:40:40 PM »
One summer during college I worked for an old school, self-made businessman.  His staff included his (trophy) wife, his son, and one non-related woman who managed the underlings (including me and about 5 other women).

Little boss:  The unrelated woman was paranoid that one of the underlings would replace her, so she wasn't very nice to us and outright prevented some of the underlings from acquiring generally useful office skills.  For example, she would only let the two people (both of us college students, who would be leaving in a few months so weren't as threatening) who already had computer experience use the computer for basic stuff like printing labels and data entry.  It would have been very simple for us to teach the others how to do this, but she didn't want them to learn.  She also called out one woman, who had just had a baby, for not wearing more professional clothes - we were not customer-facing so there wasn't a need, and the woman couldn't yet fit into her better work clothes.

Big boss:  Never bothered to learn the names of the underlings, so just called us "Honey" or "Girl."  When he was there at all, which was rarely.  To be honest, he didn't behave badly to us but one day I answered a call from a Mercedes salesman.  Apparently Big Boss had done a custom order through this dealership and arranged for a special order car to be delivered... and then walked away from the deal and bought a car elsewhere.  So he was dodging the Mercedes guy, who was very upset but didn't take it out on me, just told me that Boss was "a real piece of work."  I know, sir, I know.