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Messed up my invitation...oops

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I invited a group of female friends by email to come over to my apartment this Friday to play a game and stay overnight if they'd like to.  I did not send that email to any of their boyfriends who I would normally invite as I wanted it to be a girls' night (all recipients of the email can see who I sent it to).  Then I received a text from one of the invitees saying "Looks like Lisa didn't get the girls only hint."  I checked my email and realized that Lisa had just responded that she and her boyfriend were up for attending on Friday.  It was then that I remembered that last time I invited her, I forgot to click her boyfriend's name and when she asked (since it was an event he normally would be invited to) if he was invited, I apologized and said that he was of course included in her invitation.  I have a feeling that she went off of what I said last time and applied it to this one as I did not explicitly say Girls' Night in the email. 

I quickly responded:  "Great! Glad you can make it, but for this time, let's leave the boys at home k?  It's time for a Girls' Night :D" 

But now I'm wishing I had waited and thought my answer through more carefully.  Was there something else I could have said or should I have apologized for the confusion since I can see why she would have thought he was invited?

I think you're ok.  Sometimes innocent miscommunications happen.

i think your reply was fine as well.  If she replies back that she thought he was invited since you had said he was the last time, simply reply "sorry I made a mistake in my invite and didn't indicate it was a GNO.  Looking forward to seeing you Friday.  We will have to get together with the guys another time."

You don't have to over-apologize.

Yeah, I can see where from her point of view it might sound just a tiny bit off. Not a huge deal, especially if she's a good friend. But if you're worried about it, I'd probably email the whole group with a correction.

"Sorry girls, I meant to say "girls only" on the original email. Hope everyone can make it!"

... or something like that. That way it's directed at the whole group so she doesn't feel like she might be the only one who misunderstood or who might misunderstand.

I think you're fine.  It could've been worse.  On the radio, the dj was telling about how his dad just moved into a condo in his building and invited about 100 of the other residents to his condo for a housewarming/meet the neighbors/Oscars party & put "Dress Optional" - while he meant that they could go with the vintage Hollywood theme, they didn't have to, but instead mistakenly invited everyone to a nudist party.


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