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--- Quote from: BeagleMommy on February 27, 2013, 02:49:33 PM ---Yay, Waterlight!

I have to wonder though, didn't Coworker 2 know that the parents attending the meeting spoke Lavenderese?  You would think she would have made arrangements.  After all, she did not know you were attending the event where she met you.

--- End quote ---

Yes, she did.  Usually her co-teacher (who spoke Lavenderese) would sit in on a meeting with a Lavenderese-speaking family--but apparently she was out sick that day. 

CW#2 was NOT without other resources, despite her protests to the contrary. 

1.  Our policy states that anyone calling in sick needs to call in at least 60 minutes ahead of the start of their shift unless it's an emergency.  This is so we can arrange for a substitute to cover that classroom for that shift. 

2.  CW#2 would have discovered her co-teacher was out sick upon her arrival at work that morning.  Given the typical work schedule for the teachers at this site, and the start time of the scheduled meeting, CW#2 would have had four or five hours to make arrangements for a backup interpreter or to reschedule the meeting. 

3.  All site managers have access to a list of active interpreters we can use for meetings with non-English-speaking families, including several Lavenderese speakers.  I can't speak offhand to the availability of specific Lavenderese interpreters, but I do know at least a few of the interpreters on our active list are available on short notice for situations like these. 

4.  If worst came to worst and no one from the interpreter list was available, at least one other employee at that site spoke Lavenderese and could have sat in on that meeting.


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